About Service


Licensify differs from other photo selling services by having clear and well-defined licensing conditions. We have tried to create licenses so that they'd fill all possible requirements and yet being easy to understand.


It is possible to sell photo usage rights easily either to private or legal entities. Creation of invoices will be done by Licensify on behalf of the seller.


Buyers can pay for the photo usage rights securely and conveniently with a credit card without any extra hassle.


Licensify handles everything related to contracts so that photographer can spend time on something he/she loves doing - taking photos.

License Fee

Each photographer can set his/her own licensing fees. Licensify gives most of the earned money to the author of the photo, taking only 20% as a service fee.

No Risk

Licensify is free to use (fair usage conditions apply) when there are no sales. No sales, no worries about additional costs from Licensify.


Licensify aims for simple and clean interface. If you're looking for complex interface with a lot of configuration settings then you're out of luck unfortunately.


Licensify does not limit of selling same photos on different services. Do whatever you want with your photos outside of Licensify.

Popular Images

Most popular images appear on a public gallery for anyone to purchase.
Click on any of the images to see them in their full beauty before getting usage rights.


Gen Vagula

Gen Vagula

Gen is a world-class photographer who knows how to make and sell photos. He is the author of idea behind Licensify and operates its' business side. Gen knows answers to all license-related questions.

Jarmo Pertman

Jarmo Pertman

Jarmo is a technical co-founder behind Licensify. He takes care that all the photographers can sell their photos easily to end-customers. He will solve all the technical challenges of Licensify. In addition Jarmo is also a photographer so he knows something about photography as well.