Profit Program

Effective from: 2016.10.01

Last modified at: 2016.09.27

Licensify will email you every time you make a sale. You can check your sales report in real time and see every detail of every sale you've made.
You can find information about your sales history under Orders menu.

We Make Monthly Payments

You will automatically receive a payment for unpaid profits to your bank account.
* There is no minimum amount of unpaid profits to be paid out.
* All purchases that are older than 7 days goes towards unpaid profits. This limit exists for any possible disputes that the buyer may have with sellers' picture.
* Payments currency is EUR. All currency exchange related fees are calculated by participating banks or other payment services.

How Much Do I Get?

You can set your own prices for licenses with limitations for minimum price. You will get 80% from all sales. Licensify retains 20% that will cover profit payment fees, transaction management, customer service, administration and development of the service.

Example: You sell a Commercial Use License for your picture with the price of 100€ . The service fee is 20€ and you will get 80€ .

You can see detailed information about each order transactions under profile Transactions menu.

Things Good to Know

We do not take any responsibility of your tax obligations . Always consult your tax advisor if you're unsure.