Guide to the Terms of Service for Humans

Effective from: 2016.03.27

Last modified at: 2016.03.27

This is the easy to understand summary of our Terms of Service.

The Terms of Service are legally binding contract between you and Licensify and we encourage you to read them.

If there are any differences between this over here and the original terms and conditions, the Terms of Service have priority.

You Still Own Your Media When You Upload It to Licensify

Licensify does not claim any copyright or any other ownership rights to your media. We only mediate selling of the media usage rights from You to the Client. You will own everything before and after selling the usage rights.

When you upload your creative art to our website, you are giving Licensify certain rights to use your content to provide you with our services, like the ability to display and sell your content usage rights for you at your direction.

Be Reasonable and Responsible

You cannot use Licensify service to post pornographic material, harass people, send spam, negatively vote on all photos, and do other crazy stuff. Do not post pictures that do not belong to you.

Be reasonable and responsible, don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine.

Licensify can remove your content for lot of reasons.

Your Account Is Secure at Us

Only you know and control your password. We cannot, even having best interests in mind, tell you your password. We simply do not know it. If you have forgotten it, then the only way to recover your account is through Reset Password functionality. It's your responsibility to keep your passwords secure.

We Work Hard to Keep Our Storage Safe

We are not responsible if the unthinkable happens and your content is lost. We cannot guarantee that your content will at all times be available on the Licensify website or that your uploaded media are secure from unauthorized access, loss or deletion.

Don't take our service as the back-up option for your valuable files.

Additional Terms of Profit Program

If you are a Licensify registered user, you automatically become Subscriber and qualify to participate in our Profit Program, which allows you to earn commissions based on the usage rights sale of your creative art. You have full control over the price of usage licenses.

We Do Not Take Care of Your Taxes

Managing of your tax payments is Your responsibility.

Licensify Can Always Change Its' Terms of Service

We may change the Terms of Service at any time by posting an updated version to Licensify web and letting all registered users know via e-mail about the upcoming changes. If you do not agree with any of the upcoming changes then you need to let us know so we can terminate your account. If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Service, please contact us at

Do Not Make Our Life Complicated

We truly believe we make your life easier and let you enjoy what you do best. So follow the rules and let us enjoy what we do best. We will change the world, together. In an awesome cooperation with you and all potential buyers.